Casainox Flow Solutions exists for the sole purpose of bringing an unparalleled customer service & product innovation to the industries we serve. Since its founding days in 1989 as a small equipment supply shop, to expanding our operations to Australia and beyond, we relied on a simple principle “putting others first and never let them down”.

We believe that the success of our company lies on the success of our customers, suppliers and employees. We work effectively, efficiently and ethically to bring the best pumping, valving & air moving solutions to the industry. We also work  closely with all stakeholders, providing open communications and reliability in every job we do.

No job is too small for us and we are committed to providing the same high level of service regardless of the size of the supply. To us, our joy and accomplishment is found when our customers succeed in their operations, projects and businesses. We are in the business of building long lasting and solid partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees as well as benefiting the community we operated in.

We warmly welcome you to discover our wonderful company and team, we are confident that you’ll find your dealings with us  a pleasure. We appreciate your support to our business and look forward to many years of solid partnership.


Established in 1989, Casainox Flow Solutions Sdn Bhd has established a reputation in the industry as a reliable, efficient and professional flow solution specialist. With extensive years of experience, we are committed to solving tough pump & valve applications today and serving our customers.

From humble beginnings as a machinery supplier, we had since grown to serve Malaysia-wide and expanded our operations to Australia. We've invested in providing a more effective management system, better quality control, and improved our engineering team. We seek constant improvement and ways to better serve our customers.


We believe that the success of our company depends on three very important stakeholders – Customers, Suppliers & Employees.

We work hard to ensure all key stake holders are well taken care of, thus producing the high-quality work we’ve been known for. We are always finding ways to improve the communication between these stakeholders with efficient and effective supply chain management. This is why customers love to deal with us, they know that they are well taken care off.