HABERG PUMPS offers high quality, solid structured liquid ring vacuum pumps at cost competitive prices. The pumps are an alternative to OEM pumps and parts and are interchangeable with leading brands and provide ready stock and better service. 

Haberg Pumps have a team of highly experienced personals with decades of experience in the liquid ring vacuum pump (LRVP) market and provide both standalone pump replacement & complete turn key vacuum skids. Haberg Pumps prides itself in providing on time support, excellent service, competitive prices and expert knowledge. 

As one of the fastest growing vacuum pump brands in Malaysia, you can be sure to enjoy an unparalleled experience in selecting, designing & supplying of engineered liquid ring vacuum pumps & systems. 

We provide ready OEM stock to keep your plant running

DSV 140 - 180 - 300 - 350 - 400

Double-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Materials of Construction

The HABERG double-stage LVRPs are available in : 

1. Standard Construction - Cast Iron Body / Stainless Steel Impeller

2. Optional - Fully Stainless Steel or Duplex, SS304 / SS316L


Using water with a temperature of 15°C as service liquid and a pressure of 1013 mbar at the discharge branch

Lowest suction pressure : 33 mbar

Deeper vacuum : 25 mbar

(oil service liquid)

Performance Curves

Performance Guarantee

Guaranteed Quality and Fit

We guarantee every part to fit exactly as the original. Before any parts leave our warehouse, they go through Quality Control and are checked for workmanship

Guaranteed Performance

Every part is guaranteed to match or exceed the performance of the original part it replaces.

Guaranteed Durability

Every part is guaranteed with a one year manufacturer's defect warranty. This does not cover normal wear and tear, or mishandling during transport or storage.